Get New Clients with Social Media

website small business

website small business

Social Media:  This is the area that is arguably the most powerful technical influence that our world has ever witnessed.  Email was the first form of social media but it has quickly transformed into a multi-headed hydra-monster that very few people can really harness let alone master.   Our kids sure know how to connect with each, but how do businesses leverage this powerful forum to help them with employees, clients, vendors and prospects?  We can either run from this or run to it.  Regardless of the direction your company is headed, Social Media is here to stay.  There are 2 important questions a company has to ask themselves at this pivotal time in digital history:  First, how is my company viewed in the social, virtual world?  And second, what steps are we going to take to be proactive and utilize all the tools out there to our benefit instead of our detriment?





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