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What is Marketing focused on?

  said whatConsumers collect advice from any expert that sounds reputable, but we purchase from those we trust. If we don’t know anyone in a certain field, we’ll buy from people that our friends (or trusted sources) validate as safe by referral. Upside potential to downside risk is the calculation that determines your personal brand’s likelihood of referral.

Trust draws prospects toward you. Risk repels. Positive familiarity between the prospective buyer and a business lowers the perceived risk to the referring party. Trust is the validating factor for a referral, whereas any uncertainty is the source of hesitation. When a risky referral is offered; there’s a tilt of the head, a pause, a micro-communication that a flag has been raised in fear that the referral won’t make all parties involved look good.

speak no evilWe all have a natural and healthy safeguard against risk. Many times the inward voice that expresses “RISK” is worded in such a way that it’s completely impolite to tell someone the real reason why you don’t want to refer this company or that salesperson. It is in those times that the “referrer” makes up a “cover story” (which is technically a lie) about why they don’t recommend your company. However, more often than not – they just change the subject and your company is forgotten.

Digital marketing is more about opportunities missed than intentional interaction created.

Get endorsements on every channel you know. Each time someone likes your company page, it tells their network that your company is a safe business. If someone sends you a message that sings your praise, save it as a favorite so that visitors can read what they have to say. Positive comments should be highlighted and easy to find on all web locations you can control. An old management cliche is:where did i go

Criticize is private and praise in public.

If someone offers you a praise – make it public.

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