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Meet the Founders:

andy jones small headshotAfter graduating from Colorado State University in 1990 with a degree in Technical Journalism, Andy started his professional sales career in the ultra-competitive office equipment industry.  His next stop was selling telecommunications services for several large carriers until the .Com meltdown in the late 90’s. Andy founded Focus Telecom Group in 2001, to consult with small to medium sized companies about their telecommunications services.   Focus Telecom Group also consults for several Fortune 100 and 500 companies nationwide.  He was interested in helping companies choose what was best for their environment instead of having to fit a round peg in a square hole.

Andy’s direct and effective consulting, made his company a success in the next 12 years when the multi-headed monster called Social Media and Web Presence kept creeping into his world.  Unable to ignore this powerful phenomenon any longer, he decided to hire a part time Social Media Manager to get his company integrated into this virtual marketplace.  After 4 months, Andy found out that he was only “pretending” based on a small monthly investment that only yielded very minor results so he decided to stop messing around and hire a true full time professional to legitimize his company not only in the Social Media world but in Web presence as well. After customizing a program that would help his company grow, Andy realized what a huge hole there was in the small to medium sized marketplace.  You can either, ignore this, figure it out for yourself or pay someone to help you.   That is the foundation of our company.  We can provide a company with an on-going solution that will help them become current and prepare for the future.

Dan headshot

Dan Wilson

For more than a decade Dan Wilson has helped organizations increase revenue and efficiency through strategic use of the web. Dan has been on the forefront of developing tools to keep up with society’s communication, inspiration, and educational transition into the digital paradigm. People already live digitally, but modern business requires knowing when voice to voice is required. Dan has been a top sales person for multiple regional to multi-national corporations, consultant to over 50 regional and national boards for leadership, web training, and systems. Dan has also been on a team that creates social media marketing education program requirements and curriculum. He has designed and implemented hundreds of campaigns that use SEO, Social Media, and Referral Generation to get leads in the door and statistically proven social psychology based sales to turn the leads into clients who refer.

Wanna Meet?

Effective Connect is a true synergistic integration of Social Media, Web presence Management and Telecommunications consulting.  Along the way Andy discovered the ability to also help companies obtain valuable information about their potential clients through using the tools that are available to everyone but few know how to access them.  The next product they will be launching is a Cloud based Intranet targeted to the SMB world to enhance their internal and external communications.



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