Communications Engineers Needed

Social Web Presence set up and management

We are a social web presence communications company for small to medium sized companies. The primary tools we use are a computer and web based platforms as well as in person communication. Candidates have the ability to create, engage, understand and reply in all forms of web based social media platforms.  Professional campaign management targeted towards our clients’ interests are the essence of our business. We hire based on Competence, Character, and Chemistry.

Overview of the Opportunity:

Job Tasks:

  • Personal and virtual engagement with client
    • Follow specified list of question and type answers as they’re given
  • Create or update profiles on specified social networks
  • Use specific websites on behalf of the company being represented
  • Create websites in the manner and scope determined by your team
    • Specific step by step instructions on our website set up process is given
  • Create content and engagement contracted by client with the tools provided by Effective Connect
  • Track the time given to each separate task


  • Each client will be assigned a $ value based on activity required
    • Each task will be given a specific designation of time to complete
    • Client assigned $ value is based on a $30/hr rate x task time designation
  • Each Social Web Engineer will be given an assistant for portions of set up and implementation
  • This is an independent contractor position
    • You select when to complete the tasks, as long as they are completed with excellence within the contracted time frame


  • Evident competence in verbal and written communication
  • High speed internet
  • Reliable computer with antivirus
  • Strong typing skills
  • The ability to follow directions
  • Ability to creatively design based on prescribed web tools
  • Willingness to stay on task without interruption or oversight


  1. Reply with interest below
  2. Initial Introduction
  3. Skills Assessment
  4. Leadership Interview
  5. Training (we tell you how to do the job)
  6. Mentoring (you watch us do the job)
  7. You are assigned your own clients

Respond if you’re interested (or know someone):