Web/App Developer Needed

Geeks and Propeller Heads – gather ’round!

Ever wish you could just do what you do best and not worry about the “running your own business” side of daily life? This is a coding, web development, app design position in which the primary tools are… actually if you don’t know which tools are required for this of work – you probably don’t speak the HTML5/PHP/Adobe language necessary to do the job. The ability to interact with customers and smoooooze them so you keep the client is not necessary. We have people to do that; we’re just looking for the right person to start creating the simple to complex web magic our clients have a hankering for. We hire based on Competence, Character, and Chemistry.

Overview of the Opportunity:

Responsibilities include:

  • Development of custom database back-end based Websites and Mobile Applications.
  • Creating and developing multiple template based platforms to be customized for multiple client specific needs.
  • Delivering enterprise digital mobile application projects including tablet and smartphone.
  • Giving technical leadership, direction and development based oversight across the full lifecycle of a projects
  • Work with technology & business teams
  • Provide excellent solutions that meet business objectives; delivered on time and on budget.


  • Existing portfolio with a vast array of examples or your work and functional sample links
  • Experience successfully managing implementation of project based scope of work
  • Prior experience working with people
  • The ability to communicate the functionality of Custom Websites and Mobile Applications to both an digitally ignorant 80 year old prospect, as well as a 25 year old corporate CIO.

Process: All interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter (explaining why you’re a good fit for the position) to the link provided.

Respond if you’re interested (or know someone):

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