Service Overview

The core solution is the Social Web Connections Manager. We make sure your Social Media, Telecommunications, and Web Presence are all under the direction of your dedicated Connections Manager.  Check out what’s included below and get in touch… it’s time you took control.

Social Media || Telecommunications || Web Presence || Connection Manager

Social Media: This is the area that is arguably the most powerful technical influence that our world has ever witnessed.   Companies need to have these tools in place:

Social Media Tools Included:

  • Set up social aggregation hub to control top social media channelswebsite small business
    • Coaching on how to track and engage all social media on one platform
    • Quarterly analytics review of broad view social media activity and response engagement
  • Facebook

    • Branded Facebook business page
    • Assess and coach personal Facebook profile protection
    • At least 10 Facebook posts shared per month on your business page
    • One business highlight/bragging point shared for your business on Facebook
    • Bi-weekly coaching on how to increase fan base and lead generation on Facebook
    • Quarterly analytics review of Facebook activity and response engagement
  • LinkedIn
    • Branded LinkedIn business page with complete Bio
    • Assess personal and coach LinkedIn profile usage
    • At least 10 LInkedIn posts shared per month on your business page
    • One business highlight/bragging point shared for your business on LinkedIn
  • Twitter
    • Branded Twitter account and page design
    • Track up to 12 search phrases on social media for targeted response
    • Tweet 3x/day (based on a 20 day work month)
    • Quarterly analytics review of Twitter activity and response engagement
  • Google+
    • Branded Google+ business page
    • Create personal Google+ profile for Account Manger
    • Assess and coach personal Google+ profile usage
    • Share all possible content on Google+ for SEO and SERP maximization
  • Pinterest
    • Create a Pinterest page
    • Create targeted boards and content design for images
    • Weekly share images related to boards on Pinterestam i exempt from change
  • YouTube
    • Branded YouTube Channel design
    • Coaching of creating/sharing videos
    • Quarterly analytics review of YouTube activity and response engagement
  • Newsletter
    • Branded Newsletter sign up and template creation
    • Quarterly creation and distribution to client list
    • Monthly creation and distribution to employee/team list
    • Quarterly analytics review of Newsletter activity and response engagement

Social Media || Telecommunications || Web Presence || Connection Manager

Telecommunications:  Telecommunications is no longer just measured in how much bandwidth you have for Internet Access.  The “Cloud” has taken the business world by storm and offers some exciting ways to help your business Connect Effectively.

Telecommunication Tools Available:

  • Phonesmall business ideas list
    • VoIP (Voice over IP)
    • Text Messaging
    • Mobile Devices
    • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Computer
    • Instant Messaging
    • Desk Top sharing
    • Email Archiving
    • File Sharing
    • File Back up
    • Ethernet Over Copper, Fiber Services, Cable (Internet Access)
    • Disaster Recovery

Social Media || Telecommunications || Web Presence || Connection Manager

Web Presence: is a category that is very hard to nail down but most business realize that it is very important in relation to how their company is viewed in the virtual marketplace.  Here are some Web metrics that should be put into action:

Web Presence Tools Included:

  • Target Trackingpolycom conference phone
    • Top 100 keywords (phrases being searched) selection
    • Reputation tracking of up to 5 search phrases
    • Write and distribute quarterly press release
    • Design and email signature for every employee
  • Directories
    • Create/Update Google for business page
    • Creation and updating synchronization of 100s of the top Directories
    • Analytic tracking and review of directories activitywhat will happen next
  • Website
    • Branded website with up to 20 pages
    • A/B testing of ‘Calls to Action’ with quarterly assessment and adjustment
    • Validation of your website on top search engines
    • Keyword based domain purchase and association with all profiles, pages and sites
    • Link of social media to website and web presence
    • SEO design of website with ‘Alt-tags’, Keyword tags, Page Titles and Descriptions
    • Mobile design adjustment for viewing on smartphones and tablets
    • Complete Google Analytics tracking and review of your website

Social Media || Telecommunications || Web Presence || Connection Manager

Connection Manager is the human hub between your business priorities and all the channels through which connection takes place. Do your employees, clients, vendors and prospects have a social media and digital communication coach to access that is directly tied into your communication matrix?  Most small and medium sized companies simply have either not considered how to integrate this form of connecting, or they assume that they can’t afford this powerful business asset. This is more than a simple blog, or social media manager. Your Connection Manager is fully integrated with your Social Media, Telecommunications and Web Presence to complete the circle of Effective Connecting.

Connection Manager Includes:

  • Connection Manager Activitysmall business government loan
    • Designated account manager to take care of the busywork
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly content creation and engagement
  • Client Coaching and Guidance
    • Bi-weekly client coaching face to face meeting
    • Quarterly client goal and progress assessment face to face meetings
    • Daily availability through text or email

Effective Connect was built to provide the Technology Toolbox to create and implement a customized Business Connection House as well as provide you with an on-going road map that will be invaluable in navigating this ever changing and often times frustrating and confusing maze…

Social Media || Telecommunications || Web Presence || Connection Manager

Social Media and Web Presence have potentially unlimited reach to grow or kill any business. If you’re not active in defining your reputation – your competition and acquaintances will define it for you. 


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