What We Do

We manage business Social Web Presence, from simple relevance to lead generation campaigns.

List of Social Web Presence Tools

  • Websites: Every tool we create is formatted for SEO and tracked with analytics. Though WordPress is the most common, we can use any platform to from ground up HTML construction to industry specific shopping cartslanding pages, and Calls to Action. You tell us what you want, and we create it to spec. If you’re not sure, we’ll overview what’s working today and help you select what will create your desired end results.
    • Why: This is a digital storefront for your business.
    • Success Measurement: Clearly brand specific look, feel and flow, with traffic and time spent on the website are some goals.
  • Blogging: Our staff writers create the blog. Upon your approval, we format the text and imagery for SEO and publicize the post.
    • Why: This is the single greatest way to create consistent new content on your website to both communicate your expertise and info about your business, as well as draw new traffic from search engines and social networks.
    • Success Measurement: Number of pages viewed, time spend on website, and new sources of traffic.
  • Social Networks: From the most popular to the relatively unknown, the point of a social network is to both show your business is relevant and connect with employees, vendors, clients, and leads. If you need relevance, we will create the content on your behalf. If you need more; we’ll engage as many target audience you desire.
    • Why: Social Media is Social. The trick is to be engaging without always talking about yourself. You need to be available when people are looking for you on a platform that has over a billion people on it each month, but if you only talk about yourself, you’ll be ignored.
    • Success Measurement: At the relevance level, success is measured with content created on the specified networks. On the branding and SEO or lead generation levels, success is based on engagement, responses, and leads generated.
  • Directories: These are the new Yellow Pages; custom fit for the digital age.
    • Why: There are over 100 commonly used directories, and just because you don’t use most of them doesn’t mean your next big client isn’t looking for you on one of them right now.
    • Success Measurement: At the relevance level, success is based on a consistent and synchronized base of information across all the top directories. At higher levels, we will gauge success on responses, review engagement, and promotion communication.
  • Email: Emails are more than annoying spam you have to filter. This involves everything (and the parts and pieces to everything) that is in your inbox.
    • Why: This is still one of the most used communication forms on the planet. Text or pictures, GIF or JPEG, long or short signature are some of the details that can draw or repel.
    • Success Measurement: Set up success is measured by specific tasks being completed, but the ongoing email campaigns are based on open, click-through, and response analytics.
  • Classifieds: This back section of the local newspaper has also transitioned into websites that are location and interest specific.
    • Why: Whether you’ve used Craigslist, Backpage, Ebay, or hundreds of industry specific and localized classifieds where “those in the know” go for direction on where to spend their money; online classifieds are where items being sold are purchased.
    • Success Measurement: The responses and expressed interest are the purpose and measurement of success for posting classifieds.
  • Mobile Apps: Anytime you go to the App Store, you’re downloading a mobile app. Some cost money and some are worth offering for free.
    • Why: This is becoming the new search option. Mobile apps are also the best way to keep a open channel of correspondence with your target.
    • Success Measurement: Success of a mobile app is integrally based on the purpose behind the creation of the app. If the purpose is to keep up with current clients, the success is based on client retention and referral generation. If the purpose is to offer a free service to gain new clients or advertising dollars – the success metrics are based on the specified analytic requests.
  • SMS/Text: Direct message to a cell phone is known as “texting”
    • Why: the standard communication channel for anyone under 30 and with the quickest response time and highest response rate, this tool can create passionate referral partners or (like email) become so overbearing that it’s counter-productive.
    • Success Measurement: Like Mobile apps, the success in this area is based on the specified end results of the campaign or system being set up. No matter the system, we will not start a campaign that doesn’t have specific guidelines with which we can grade our success… because that’s proof you’re spending money wisely.
  • Review & Follower Generation: We will create, post, and publicize the great reasons people become your client, employee, or vendor.
    • Why: We all want those who love us to tell everyone about us… but the trick is making is so simple that it’s just one more reason for them to love you. We take care of that.
    • Success Measurement: Success in review generation is based on a guaranteed number of reviews recorded and publicized. Follower generation is measured by the number of followers on the social network being targeted.
  • Link Building: When you click on a word or picture on one website that opens another; that is a link (hyperlink).
    • Why: Every link is a vote. The more authoritative that link, the more authoritative that vote. Selecting the right wording, in the right settings, for the right purpose can have far reaching organic SEO benefits.
    • Success Measurement: Finding links that are in line with the website target, contacting them to create a link, and tracking the analytics of that link are some of the initial measurements of success.
  • Pay Per Click: Whether you’re looking to pay others when someone clicks to your website, social media page, or call to action focused landing page, or if you’re looking to maximize the traffic you have on your current site by offering advertising space to others to pay you for every click from your site to theirs.
    • Why: PPC is one of the largest segments of Internet Marketing dollars.
    • Success Measurement: Success is based on the number of clicks, as well as the results achieved from those clicks and the evaluation and adjustment of the campaign to maximize the ROI.
  • Multimedia Creation: When it comes to content, there are really only four options: Text, Picture, Audio, and Video. Grated Video is nothing more than a combination of audio and video, there are countless combinations and variations of each. From animations (cartoons) to GIFs (pictures that move like a flip book)… animation as a subset of video has plenty of options.
    • Why: Everything that is currently on the internet was created by someone. Whomever creates the best content is the source of all that traffic and the recipient of those who click on the Call to Action associated with the content.
    • Success Measurement: Whether our in house sketches create a low cost piece of content or our exhaustive list of contracted artists (graphic designers, videographers, sound engineersanimators, photographers, writers, etc.) create a production quality piece of content; success is measured by written and agreed upon success objectives articulated at the launch of the content creation.

We’ll help clarify the options and select the best option for your dollars; and adjust it on an ongoing basis to make sure you’re investing every penny in the most optimum channel.

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